Pogacha Bellevue

Catering Info

WELCOME TO POGACHA CATERING of Bellevue! If your order is being placed within the 24 hour window…you must call it in…thank you!
(425) 455-5670

Before continuing, please read this information as it will help you in placing your order as completely as possible.

Pogacha Restaurant offers several categories of catering options, including lunch box catering, breakfast catering, dinner, and private events, corporate events, lunch meetings, special occasions, weddings, birthdays and events of all kinds.   Each category includes a Salad (except the Breakfast & Entree Salads). When placing your order, please be sure to choose a salad option.  Salad selections are located on the same page you are choosing your entrees from! If you forget we will automatically include our Seasonal Mixed Green Salad with your order!

All Categories (except breakfast) will automatically include our Freshly Baked Cookies and Brownies. Both the Pasta and Entree Salad options include our Freshly Baked Pogacha Bread as well!

All options are served Family-Style on disposable platters and bowls.  Complimentary paper plates, paper napkins & plastic forks can also be included at no additional charge.  Serving utensils are also available.  Please indicate if you would like any of these items included with your order in the “comments” section.

BEVERAGES are available.  We offer sodas and bottled waters.  This option can be found on the Accompaniments page.

Please also note that all catering orders will be charged sales tax plus a delivery fee.

*Pogacha requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice on all catering orders and a minimum order of $75.00.  If we have not called to confirm your order, please make sure you contact us at 425.455.5670

Go ahead now and choose your items from the menu and fill out the form. A representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm details.